Drops Fabel

75% wool 25% polyamide, 50g / ca 205m, A- fingering

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  • 153 Texmex [FabelPrint]
  • 310 Tramonto [FabelPrint]
  • 911 Fun Lilla [FabelPrint]
  • 161 Sogno Rosa [FabelPrint]
  • 921 Festa Dell’Unicorno [FabelPrint]
  • 923 Fiera Campestre [FabelPrint]
  • 904 Lavanda [FabelPrint]
  • 330 Sogni Di More [FabelPrint]
  • 901 Candy [FabelPrint]
  • 677 Verde/Turchese [FabelPrint]
  • 522 Turchese/Blu [FabelPrint]
  • 914 Litorale [FabelPrint]
  • 340 Blu Laguna [FabelPrint]
  • 162 Azzurro Oceano [FabelPrint]
  • 910 Nebbiolina Di Mare [FabelPrint]
  • 151 Guacamole [FabelPrint]
  • 542 Verde [FabelPrint]
  • 920 Regno Della Fantasia [FabelPrint]
  • 922 Macchia Di Frutta [FabelPrint]
  • 912 Cioccolato Al Latte [FabelPrint]
  • 905 Sale E Pepe [FabelPrint]
  • 913 Chiaroscuro [FabelPrint]
  • 623 Foschia Rosa [FabelLongPrint]
  • 655 Rosa Del Bosco [FabelLongPrint]
  • 604 Vista Sul Mare [FabelLongPrint]
  • 650 Foresta [FabelLongPrint]
  • 602 Volpe Argentata [FabelLongPrint]
  • 917 Oceano Profondo [FabelLongPrint]
  • 918 Smeraldo [FabelLongPrint]
  • 100 Panna [FabelUniColour]
  • 121 Grano [FabelUniColour]
  • 101 Beige [FabelUniColour]
  • 300 Marrone [FabelUniColour]
  • 200 Grigio [FabelUniColour]
  • 115 Grigio Chiaro [FabelUniColour]
  • 114 Grigio Perla Chiaro [FabelUniColour]
  • 111 Senape [FabelUniColour]
  • 110 Ruggine [FabelUniColour]
  • 119 Arancione Elettrico [FabelUniColour]
  • 106 Rosso [FabelUniColour]
  • 102 Rosa [FabelUniColour]
  • 120 Rosa Baby [FabelUniColour]
  • 109 Rosa Ciliegia [FabelUniColour]
  • 113 Bordeaux [FabelUniColour]
  • 104 Viola [FabelUniColour]
  • 107 Blu [FabelUniColour]
  • 108 Blu Reale [FabelUniColour]
  • 103 Grigio Blu [FabelUniColour]
  • 117 Blu Chiaro [FabelUniColour]
  • 116 Blu Fiordaliso [FabelUniColour]
  • 105 Turchese [FabelUniColour]
  • 112 Verde Mela [FabelUniColour]
  • 118 Verde Pappagallo [FabelUniColour]
  • 400 Nero [FabelUniColour]
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Product details

DROPS Fabel, as strong as only sock yarn can be! DROPS Fabel is a 4-ply yarn and is superwash treated. Compared to other sock yarns, Fabel is spun in a much softer wool quality and this makes it surprisingly suitable for everything.  try it for example for children's clothing! DROPS Fabel is offered in 3 different types of shades that give different looks to the garments. "Print", presents for each shade a series of different colors that are repeated regularly. "Long Print" has the same pattern but the color repetitions are longer. "Unicolour" a selection of solid colors in solid colors. The colors printed in this yarn are dyed with a method called "fancy dyeing" which differs from the other techniques in that each batch of dyeing has a small variation in both the pattern and the shade. This is not an error, but an element of the character. By knitting a larger garment, the pattern will be different. As with jacquard prints there may be differences in shades of color and motif within the same batch Made in EU. Oeko-Tex® certificate (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 25.3.0099 Innovatext Textile Engineering and Testing Institute CO)

* Do not forget that the display of colors may vary from one screen to another and also the shades may vary from one color bath (Dyelot) to another (check the band of the ball of yarn).

Yarn Group
A-SPORT/Fingering- 2,5 mm - 3,5 mm
Weight / Meters
50 g. / ca 205 m.
Needles / Crochet Hooks
3 mm.
(10 x 10 cm) 24 stitches x 32 rows
75% wool, 25% polyamide
Drops Patterns
Free Patterns
Lavare in lavatrice con ciclo delicato
Massimo 40°
Asciugare steso su una superficie piana
Lavaggio secco
No asciugatura a tamburo
No candeggio
Stirare a max.110°
No ammorbidente

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Sunset Dance Socks
Sunset Dance Socks
by Drops Design
Knitted socks in DROPS Fabel. The piece is worked in the round top down, with broken moss stitch. Sizes 35 – 43.
Click Here
Brianna Neck Warmer
Brianna Neck Warmer
by Drops Design
Knitted neck warmer in 1 strand DROPS Fabel and 1 strand DROPS Kid-Silk. Piece knitted top down in rib.
Click Here


Drops Fabel 161, pink dream

Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk 18, cerise

For a cool and unique, deep pink combination, try working together DROPS Brushed Alpaca Silk 18, cerise and DROPS Fabel 161, pink dream.

The result is warm and soft, with a knitting tension of about 14 stitches = 10 cm using 7 mm needles, which is a perfect fit for our Yarn Group D patterns.

Remember however that knitting tension varies from person to person and that the suggested needle size is only a guide. Just make a swatch!

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